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Yogoda Satsanga Kshirodamoyee Vidyapith, Lakhanpur, was established on January 5, 1939 by Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS). The large hearted land owner Sri Keshab Chandra Chaudhuri of Lakhanpur donated land for the school and the tireless dedication of Swami Bidyananda Giri of YSS facilitated the initial establishment works of the school.

The Vidyapith has been rendering invaluable service to the needy and poor students of the rural and backward area for the past eighty years in spreading the light of education and bringing talented rural boys to the national main stream. The school has been instrumental in implementing the aims and ideals of the founder of YSS, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. The how to live teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda does not emphasize mere academic excellence but also help to manifest the inner divinity already latent within every student, stressing balanced and harmonious development of body, mind and soul.

Sri Hiralal Chand, the noble and selfless founder headmaster of the school was the recipient of the President’s Best Teacher’s award. Sri Abanindranath Lahiri, another lionhearted teacher, commanded such immeasurable reverence that he was known as the ‘Kriyayogi teacher’.

The school has a large number of renowned alumni which include Sri Shyama Prasad Mandal, an established engineer working in Washington DC, USA and Dr. Bimal Pal, a renowned physician working in London. The Late Dr. Kshitish Chaudhuri, a renowned orthopaedic doctor of West Bengal illuminated the name of the school.

In the last five years, the results of the school in the Secondary and particularly the Higher Secondary examinations have been excellent, with more than 90 % of the students securing 60 % and above marks and around 25 % of the students secured 80 % and above marks in the Higher Secondary examinations conducted by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination.

The eye pleasing natural environment and the general cleanliness and upkeep of the school as well as the selflessness demonstrated by the teachers of the school culminated in the school being rewarded the Nirmal Vidyalaya Puraskar in 2015 and the Sishumitra Puraskar in 2016. A science model prepared by a student in the INSPIRE Award programme was awarded 2nd in the district level, 1st in the State level and 5th in the National level competition. For its continuous and overall best performance, the school has been recognized as the Best school of Purulia district in the year 2016. In 2016, a student of the Agriculture stream stood 10th in the State level and was a recipient of the Utkarsha Bangla recognition.

There are 29 qualified teachers and 4 para teachers in the school where Science, Arts, and Agriculture (Vocational) streams are taught successfully.

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