Our Institution

The eminent academician, truth seeker, renowned social reformer Sri Janardhan Sahu founded a village school on January 4, 1950 so that the unemployed and deprived rural youths of the undivided Medinipur are developed into independent, self-sufficient and efficient citizens of the nation. In this colossal and seminal task, he was ably assisted by several like-minded people of the village of Palpara. He later handed over the institution to Yogoda Satsanga Society of India for proper running and management and the school assumed the name of Yogoda Satsanga Palpara Vidyalaya.

Located in a remote corner of Palpara, the school premises conjure up an image of tranquility and natural beauty. Though the boys who come to study belong to the lower middle sections of society, several ex-students of the institution have established themselves exceedingly well within the country and also abroad in different professions.

The school is residential and has a hostel.

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